Masts & Towers

LATSTAB manufactures a wide variety and different application towers and masts:
– Area and sports lighting – high-masts up to 30 metres high with a variety of designs and mounting accessories available, including platforms, climbing ladders, raising and lowering systems.
– Renewable energy – guyed or self-supporting lattice modules, small wind turbine towers.
– Transport – tramway and trackway poles.
– Telecommunications – self-supporting lattice modules for telecommunication towers.
– Lightning masts.

Steel lighting poles

LATSTAB manufacture a complete range of lighting poles for all types of applications. We offer lighting poles manufactured and designed in conformity with standard EN40 and protected against corrosion with hot galvanising method that complies with the standard EN ISO 1641.

Key facts and figures:

Height: from 3 till 12 metres in one piece.
Maximum thickness of steel sheet bending: from 3-10 mm depending on material type.

Steel foundations

LATSTAB manufactures various types of steel foundations for different load-bearing solutions:
– Steel screw piles,
– Steel anchors for concrete element connections,
– Steel grillages.
– Foundations solutions for wooden structures, lighting poles and high-masts, advertising structures , solar panel systems, fencing systems, base grillages.


LATSTAB manufacturing base is located in one of the most significant junctions of international transport arteries and railway lines in Latvia. Rezekne is the city with rich metalworking traditions in Latvia, which successfully combines the production potential of the Latvian and European Union’s eastern border region, advantages of human resources, a sustainable and stable tradition of cooperation with neighboring countries.

We operate in 4000 m2 of the production area, which is equipped with the necessary technical base for the manufacture of high-quality metal structures and products: