About company

LATSTAB is a modern, dynamic Latvian company, whose main commercial activity is to manufacture wide range of steel products for a variety of civil engineering-related areas:

– Highways, roads and streets
– Railways
– Renewables
– Telecomunications
– Construction

At LATSTAB, we are working closely with our clients to provide innovative solutions and create products with added value, quality, reliability and solid performance. Various steel structures are manufactured in accordance with the European Union (EU) norms and standards. At our manufacturing department operate only certified personnel, and all the technical requirements for steel structures execution is carried out in accordance with EN 1090.

Initially, the company was founded as lighting poles and high-masts manufacturer. We are the only certified tapered (conical) lighting poles and masts manufacturer in Latvia, our products are manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN 40, and illuminates many important objects in both the EU and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) areas. We also offer our partners a variety of steel foundation manufacturing services for different load-bearing structures in the above fields of activity.

One of our field of activity is connected with renewable wind energy, at our plant, we manufacture small wind turbine towers and meteorological masts (guyed lattice or self-supporting lattice modules) specially designed for wind measurements purpose. We offer steel component manufacturing for your met mast systems which include support booms, lightning protection, fall arrest and anti-climbing devices.

LATSTAB is a official member of ”European Wind Energy Association” (EWEA), and is actively attending and participating in the organizations exhibitions and conferences.

LATSTAB is a laureate of prestigious ”Export and Innovation Award 2014” for best exporter in small partnership group. Organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. At the moment, we are exporting to more than 10 different countries around the world.

Our priorities are:

– products that satisfy the expectations of our customers, and comply with the regulatory requirements of the law;
– clients and partners trust acquisition and preservation of continuously improving the company’s operations;
– expansion of the assortment and new products which will be introduced into production;
– our skills development, competence and reliability for everyday tasks.

LATSTAB mission is to manufacture safe, high-quality products, and to be expedient and modern company that listens to customers needs and implement them, and improve operations in order to meet current and future market needs.